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Speak to Prospects That Visited Your Site


Go after the audience that has already expressed interest!

A National Retail Federation study showed that 72% of customers abandon shopping carts without purchase. If the retailer does nothing, 8% will come back and complete the transaction. But if you actively retarget them with advertising 26% will come back and complete the transaction – a 3x lift in sales.

We work to ensure our clients experience that lift in sales and engagement by allowing you to continue speaking to those who are most likely to convert: previously engaged customers.

With site retargeting, the money you spend on print, direct mail, digital advertising, billboard, TV, and radio will ensure you’re continuing to speak to those people who visited your website, thus ensuring the dollars you spent on other channels are working smarter.

Site Retargeting is the best advertising tactic you can implement into any digital marketing campaign.

    How We Execute Omnichannel Site Retargeting Campaigns

    The ROI from omnichannel site retargeting campaigns is 3 – 4 time better than standard digital advertising.  We do site retargeting for our company beyond just the Google Display Network.  And the best part is that set up is simple and doesn’t require a heavy investment.  We can site retarget across many platforms and ad networks including:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Yahoo/Microsoft
    • 25 Additional Ad Networks
    • Google Display Network/Doubleclick

    We mention often site retargeting is in the top 3 tactics an enterprise can implement due to the in-market audience who comes to your website.

    Geo-Snipers brings the advantages of element level marketing to site retargeting.

    While most retargeting companies still operate at the group segment level, ours enables bidding, reporting, and optimizing down to the smallest data elements, such as products, categories, or pages viewed.

    Our Site Retargeting Advantages

    • Audience Expansion:  Understand the search and site visitation patterns of your existing customers and target new prospects who browse and search online just like your client base.
    • Massive Scale:  Our campaigns access inventory from all major exchanges, search and social platforms including FB, IG, YouTube, and other display channels. This enables you to maximize delivery of your site retargeting campaigns while delivering ads at just the right time and place.
    • Improved ROI:  By bidding, reporting, and optimizing campaigns at the element level, Simpli.fi site retargeting campaigns outperform segment based campaigns.

    Site Retargeting Analytics & Reporting

    Site retargeting campaigns can also be tracked by our analytics dashboard, pulling in the data from all campaigns being ran by our team.

    If you are leveraging our location based technology to directly communicate and reach your desired audience, contact us on how we’d develop a granular campaign tailored to your business and organizational goals.

      “Retargeting Can Lead To 147% Higher Conversion Rate Over Time In Certain Industries When Used In Combination With Prospecting.”


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