How a local Brokerage increased agent branding  and CTR

New Home Builder Drives In Person Visits



Sacramento California





A local real estate company wanted to increase visits to their website. They were not seeing success with their current digital advertising strategy so they enlisted the help of Geo Snipers to target consumers and raise CTR.


Geo Snipers developed a comprehensive SEM strategy. The campaigns were organized around the neighborhoods of each real estate property, and the ad groups and keywords were created to target audiences looking for homes in those neighborhoods. With quick learning upon campaign launch, our team optimized specific ads by improving ad copy relevancy to keywords and landing pages.


Through multiple tactics and optimizations, our team achieved a CTR of 7.58%, exceeding the industry average of 1.91%. The campaign far exceeded our client’s expectations.

In addition, we noticed the following improvements:

  • Average quality score increased from 5.7 to 7.2…which ultimately proved our ad ranks were better, CTR rates were better, and over ad experience were better which lowered the clients expected average cost per click.

    How Addressable (Household) Geofencing Works

    The ability to leverage household geofencing gives advertisers the chance to get even more precise with their ad dollars while vastly limiting waste.  And the beauty Within our programmatic platform, lists of addresses are easily onboarded, matched, and scrubbed of any personally identifiable information so that there is no risk of a breach of privacy:

    • Utilize your own list of addresses or tap our team to pull a list of addresses for your targeting needs based on demographic and psychographic details.
    • Physical addresses which an advertiser wants to target are uploaded into our platform.
    • The addresses are then matched against plat line data to collect the exact physical location, size, and shape of the individually matched addresses.
    • The system then geo-fences each matched address to collect and target users specific only to that distinct address location. If desired, desktop, laptop, and OTT/CTV devices are also targeted through our cross-device graph.
    • Audiences at every single address are updated on a daily basis.

    Key Addressable Geo-Fencing Benefits

    • Highly precise. Targeting is based on plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize the precision of addresses being targeted.
    • Highly scalable. Up to 1 million physical addresses can be targeted per campaign.
    • Improved reach over IP-based solutions, which are being limited due to truncation of IP addresses in programmatic advertising.
    • Provides foot traffic attribution. Conversion Zones can be used with addressable Geo-Fencing campaigns to track uplift in foot traffic to the advertiser’s location.
    • Granular reporting. Report and break down campaign performance by ZIP+4 level.
    • Cross-Device. Targets all individuals at the address on multiple devices by leveraging our cross-device graph, and enables targeting of devices for up to 30 days after they have left the address.
    • Create granular audiences from CRM systems and other offline databases

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